Isn’t it interesting that the issues we all have in life all seem disconnected? If we went to see someone and they said to us, pick one issue/one hang-up/one thing you want to change about yourself… would we know what that one thing is? Lately I have had many hypnotherapy clients with many issues, all seemingly disconnected. However, once you get talking – it is funny how they do connect… One issue solved can go towards another and another… with the client feeling like they have made significant and appropriate changes, just as they wanted to do. Some colleagues probably would rather have the client back for 2, 3 or 4 sessions, me – well, call me crazy, I would rather the clients makes ALL the changes they need and want to make and comes back to see me in 6 months, a year, whenever – when they need a top up, or have new issues to deal with. One size doesn’t fit all, one issue at a time doesn’t suit all J