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Clarify Training Skills

Working with Clarify and Claire Butcher has always been a great experience. Claire is professional and reliable and is always willing to accommodate our training needs particularly with specific requests geared to our company needs. She is also able to adapt her training techniques to suit all individuals at whatever level of experience. The feedback we receive from staff reflects the positive and informative nature of her training.

“The training was very good and delivery great – precise and to the point, honestly one of the best IT training sessions I have attended”

“The training with Claire was, as expected, brilliant. Lots of useful info and eye-openers”

“Thank you very much for the session on Friday and for the attached hand-out. It really was very informative and I got exactly what I wanted out of the session…I’ll be creating some super PowerPoint presentations in future!”

Pam French

PA to Director, Berry Bros and Rudd

The implementation and training of clinical systems is never straightforward, and the work Claire undertook for us was exemplary. Every system deployment seems to need someone to act as a “force of nature” to get things done, and that was Claire.

Her energy and enthusiasm in the training room carries everyone along at a fast pace, but without losing touch with individual learning needs. She also has a talent for making things appear simple.

John Newell

ICT Training Manager, Southern Health NHS

Working with Clarify is always a joy. The training courses are always so beneficial and easy to understand. You walk away from each and every one of them with double the knowledge.


We have benefited from the courses Clarify provides so much that we also decided to work alongside Clarify to provide the training courses to our clients in number our business centre locations. Our clients have all commented on how great the training was and would like to go on more training courses in the future.

I would recommend Clarify to anyone and will continue to use their services in the future. There really isn’t anything that Claire doesn’t know about the different Office packages.

Charlotte Jilbert

Clarendon Business Centres

Clarify Training Behaviour

Claire Butcher came in for half a day’s coaching with Rosemarie, the supervisor in my team. Rosemarie had only recently taken on supervisory responsibilities and was struggling with the transition from team member to team leader.

Claire very quickly was able to diagnose the main problem areas within the team, taking account of the different personality types and suggest practical and useful tools to enable Rosemarie to monitor the team’s working ethic and output effectively, at the same time as maintaining a positive atmosphere.

I very highly recommend her.

Andrew Lyon

R P Books

Clarify Training Mind

I suffer from a lot of anxiety due to some bad stuff that happened to me last year. It got to the point where I’d wake up every night for hours and obsess over silly things.

Half an hour with Claire seems to have gone some way towards solving the problem. While hypnotherapy hasn’t been a magic wand for me, it has given me a feeling of relaxation and serenity I had forgotten I could feel. It has also given me the tools I need to help myself.

Ever since doing the session, I haven’t been anywhere near as anxious; in fact, when I start to feel it bubbling up, I listen to the recording Claire gave me and it really does help.

Claire has a really good understanding of what makes people tick and how to find what motivates and inspires them. It’s what has made her an excellent hypnotherapist.

I will definitely be calling upon her again.

Hi Claire, I just wanted to say a very big thank you for helping me through a very difficult time in my life, I had no idea of the scale of the issues I was trying to deal with or how to manage them. With the hypnosis you have been able to assist me to solve underlying issues and let go of them. This truly has been life changing.

My panic attacks are now non-existent and my outlook on life is so positive, I now have a spring in my step and motivation to focus on what’s important. I feel I have my sparkle back, I have been able to move on from a devastating breakdown in marriage with confidence that I will meet a genuine person. I finally recognise how to deal with what happened and I now can manage the sad times and no longer allowing it to control me.

Claire, I also want to say you are extremely approachable and conducted the sessions with care. You are very professional creating a relaxed calm atmosphere to conduct a successful hypnosis. I never get tired of listening to your voice. Thanks again.

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